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Does your lot or garage need auditing for a better vehicle parking management system? Want to improve revenue control and boost your operations efficiency?

With over 25 years of experience as a woman-owned, MBE/DBE parking services company, Penn Parking knows how to streamline operations and save you money. By tailoring each auditing report to the specific parking location, we’ve helped parking venues across the MD|DC|VA area accurately report revenues and slash costs.

Read on to discover how your facility can improve it’s vehicle parking system and speed to financial success with Penn Parking’s customized auditing solutions.

Customized Auditing Solutions

At Penn Parking, we understand that there are multiple processes that go into running a successful parking venue. That’s why we offer a holistic, comprehensive auditing solution that addresses all aspects of your business operations.

Read below to discover how auditing off-site reporting, employees, facility operations, and customer service can significantly improve your bottom line.

Off-Site Auditing

The first step to a building an efficient vehicle parking management system is creating a thorough and accurate reporting process.

Our custom-tailored and extensive reporting services empower you to fix the issues and inefficiencies that are leeching cash, all while boosting incoming revenues.

Penn Parking can provide these reports for your organization:

  • Flash Report – Get a quick snapshot of your profitability and efficiency so you can make informed decisions that improve your venue.
  • Weekly Summary – Regular, accurate reporting allows you to gather informative, actionable data about your operations efficiency.
  • Monthly Report – Month-to-month reporting of revenues allows you to measure progress and set benchmarks for the future.

Workforce Auditing

No parking venue can succeed without a smart, efficient workforce. Our workforce auditing services can help you assess the effectiveness and engagement of employees on all levels of your organization, including:

  • Cashier Auditing – Are your cashiers reporting revenues accurately? Are they engaged with customers and attentive to detail? Random spot auditing of cashiers can make sure your employees are achieving the right results for your organization.
  • Management Benchmark Auditing – Is your organization’s management helping each venue achieve the highest levels of success? Benchmark auditing can assess the current skillset of your managers and provide them with a plan for development towards mastery in their roles.

Facility Auditing

A clean, well-equipped facility is necessary to keep costs down, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenues.

Our facility auditing can measure the effectiveness of your parking lot control systems to ensure your vehicle parking management system runs smoothly. Discover the benefits of facility auditing custom-tailored to the needs of your MD|DC|VA facility:

  • General Facility Auditing – Is your facility clean, accommodating, and easy to use? Our parking management experts can perform an overall assessment of your facility to quickly and permanently maximize its quality.
  • Access Card Auditing – Access card technology can improve your customers’ parking experience and streamline parking operations. We can assess your current technology and determine the best options that meet your customers’ unique needs.

Customer Service Auditing

Superior customer service can separate good parking venues from great ones. Satisfied customers bring more customers, increasing revenues and filling vacancies in your lot. Penn Parking knows how to figure out what customers want and how to give it to them.

We combine a passion for testing customer satisfaction with a deep understanding of the needs of parking customers across the MD|DC|VA area. Our customized auditing solutions include:

  • Mystery Parking – An outside consumer eye can provide a wealth of information about the strengths and flaws of your facilities. We can source and recruit “mystery shoppers” to evaluate the overall quality of customer experience and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Rate Survey – How do your current customers feel about their rates? Are they too high and driving other potential customers away? By collecting this data, we can help you find the perfect price points to attract and retain more customers.

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