Comprehensive Facility Auditing for Parking Garage Companies Maryland | Washington D.C. | Virginia

Are your parking revenues too low? Expenses too high? Is your parking operator providing sub-par service?

Penn Parking provides comprehensive facility audits that allow parking garage companies to get more out of their operator. We’ve worked with facility operators across the MD|DC|VA region, and know what services you should expect to receive.

Our targeted audits allow you to effectively manage your operator and hold them accountable for your financial success. We provide you the reports necessary to achieve total parking lot control and substantially increase parking facility profits.

Read on to discover the parking management strategies Penn Parking can employ on your parking garage company’s behalf.

Achieve Total Parking Lot Control

Parking garage companies rely on operators to effectively manage and maintain their venue. But all too often, owners don’t know what to expect from their operators. The result is inaccurate, infrequent reporting, lack of parking lot control, and poor financial results.

Our 100-point facility auditing method gives you a complete report on operator performance, identifying key opportunities for service improvement. Read below to discover exactly what our audit can help you receive from your operator.

Ask the Right Questions

What do you need from your operator to ensure financial success? What information should they be sending to help you get the most out of your investment?

Our facility audit can provide parking management strategies that show you how to hold your operator accountable. We’ve worked with parking garage companies across the MD|DC|VA area, and know exactly the kinds of information owners should expect out of their local operators.

Receive Accurate Reports

Effective, frequent reporting drives results. If you’re not getting clear, comprehensive reporting from your operator, you need it immediately.

Through facility auditing, we can identify the areas in which your facility needs regular reporting to ensure improvement and profitability. We can set up comprehensive parking reporting with your operator, including:

  • Flash reports
  • Weekly reporting
  • Monthly reporting

Predict Revenues

Revenues are the backbone of your financial success. Without accurate revenue forecasting, planning for future growth is impossible.

That’s why Penn Parking audits operators to report revenues accurately and bring hard data into your hands. Revenue prediction can give you a definitive plan for all activities that grow your profits, including:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Depreciation and upkeep planning
  • HR and payroll management

Control Expenses

You can’t afford to let your parking lot expenses get out of control. You need to know what necessary expenses you must incur to keep operations running smoothly.

Penn Parking auditors can help you develop effective parking management strategies with your operator. We improve your parking lot control showing you:

  • Cost-Cutting Strategies – We show you where money is going to waste in your garage to quickly cut unnecessary costs and protect your bottom line.
  • Expense Planning – Discover where to invest in your garage to get the greatest return on your investment.

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We’ve helped parking garage companies across MD|DC|VA get the most out of their facility operators — now let us help you.

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