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Need a comprehensive parking management system that boosts revenues, cuts costs, and keeps your customers happy?

For over 25 years, Penn Parking has set the standard for garage and lot management services in the MD|DC|VA area. As a woman-owned, DBE/MBE parking management company, we know what it takes to face the most difficult parking management challenges head-on.

That’s why we’ve discovered the formula for success in lot management. Our complete solutions are designed to save your bottom line, boost revenues, and maximize customer satisfaction.

So how do we do it? What’s our secret to parking management success?

Read on to learn the unique services our parking management company can provide, and discover a parking management system designed to answer all of your parking services needs.

Comprehensive Parking Management Services

The challenge of managing a parking facility goes well beyond the moving of cars. Daily operations, upkeep, reporting, marketing, and customer service all need to be running like clockwork. Without all of these cylinders working in sync, a parking lot cannot function properly.

Penn Parking has designed an advanced parking management system that takes these challenges and turns them into opportunities. By providing effective and efficient management systems, we fill lots and make tenants happy while keeping revenues under control.

Operations and Reporting

You know efficient lot maintenance requires both streamlined operations procedures and pinpoint-accurate reporting. But every garage and lot has different needs and challenges – so how can your facility do better?

That’s the question Penn Parking can answer. By working with garages all over the MD|DC|VA area, we’ve seen the challenges they face and know how to solve them. The answer is in our three-point plan for success:

  1. Operations – We can create procedural manuals and processes that streamline your facility’s operations. We help you focus your time where it matters most to improve tenant satisfaction, boost staff productivity and contain costs on a daily basis.
  2. Reporting – Automated daily, weekly, and monthly reporting provides accurate data on all aspects of your facility’s operations. Immediately identify challenges and opportunities while controlling expenses and lowering your costs.
  3. Maintenance – Short and long-term maintenance plans combined with regular facility inspections and auditing create a bulletproof plan for garage/lot upkeep. Keep your tenants happy with an exceptional parking environment without breaking your bank.

Customer Service

You know that happy customers are the key to the success of any parking facility. But your tenants needs are different from those of other parking facilities. Improving tenant-vendor relations starts with recognizing and fulfilling these needs with speed and consistency.

Because Penn has worked with a variety of clientele, we understand that the needs of parking tenants vary both between and within each market. That’s why we develop customized amenity programs that create an unsurpassed, personalized parking experience for your tenants.

In addition to our custom-tailored programs, we offer a core customer service package that includes:

  • Vehicle Assistance – Support your tenants with prompt emergency assistance.
  • Tenant/Customer Recognition – Let customers know that you value their business, so that they’ll let others know they value yours.
  • Customer Feedback – Find out what your customers need and when they need it.


New tenants are the lifeblood of any parking facility – they increase your revenues and allow you to expand your services. But getting new tenants isn’t easy, and there’s plenty of competition. So how can you stand out?

Penn Parking can help you drive new tenants and revenues to your facility. Between a combined 75 years of industry experience and a quarter-century of marketing facilities within the MD|DC|VA area, we know how to create success in parking.

Rely on our parking management company to provide personalized help with:

  • Garage Graphics Design – Create a head-turning brand for your garage that customers and passers-by will remember.
  • Special Event Planning – Perfectly organize and coordinate events that draw potential new customers to your lot or garage.
  • Off-Site Marketing – Generate leads, find new tenants, and boost your bottom line through powerful marketing solutions.

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