Innovative Parking Solutions with Amenity Programs Maryland | Washington D.C. | Virginia

Are you looking to provide outstanding customer service in your parking garage or lot that gets customers and tenants talking about your venue?

As a woman-owned, MBE/DBE parking management company focused on customer loyalty, Penn Parking understands that overall satisfaction is the highest indicator of future success. That’s the reason we’ve developed innovative parking solutions with amenity programs tailored to the needs of customers in the MD|DC|VA area.

We can craft amenity programs that solve the exact wants and needs of your clientele. Our local experience and personalized approach boosts tenant satisfaction and attracts new customers to your lot.

Read on to discover how Penn Parking can help you provide all the right parking garage services and none of the wrong ones in order to cut your costs and improve your return on investment.

Get Customer Feedback that Drives Results

What do your customers really want out of their parking experience? Do you know?

Understanding customer wants and needs is the first step to delivering superior amenity programs. Without this baseline, you cannot truly know how to please you clientele.

Penn Parking’s experience with parking customers throughout the MD|DC|VA area allows us to craft surveys that show the exact areas of opportunity for making your customers happy.

We accomplish this in three phases:

  1. Survey Distribution – A carefully-crafted survey card is randomly distributed to customers/tenants to evaluate their satisfaction with their parking garage services.
  2. Survey Collection and Analysis – Data from these cards is collected and analyzed to find out what your customers are looking for in their parking experience.
  3. Amenity Program Creation – Innovative parking solutions are created to address the unique needs of your customers and boost satisfaction.

Our Secret Tip That Boosts Customer/Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants never expect to be thanked for being a valued client, but they should be. When you show customers that you value them, they share that gratitude with others and drive more customers straight to your venue!

Penn Parking can arrange a seasonal “thank you” give-away program that shows customers you truly care. We can find the perfect gift that will put a smile on your clients’ faces, and keep them satisfied and paying for ages to come.

Provide Fast, Friendly Vehicle Assistance

If one of your customers has a vehicle emergency on your lot, they need to know you have them covered. That’s why a comprehensive vehicle assistance program is one of the most valuable parking garage services you can provide.

We can develop an amenity program that provides exactly the right kinds of vehicle assistance customers in the MD|DC|VA region need. That way, your customers will always feel secure keeping their vehicles in your lot or garage.

Our amenity programs provide many of the most critical parking garage services, including:

  • Jump starts
  • Temporary tire inflation
  • Winter assistance
  • Gas cans
  • Lock out services
  • Cell phone/Nextel radio services

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