Creating and Maintaining a More Sustainable Parking Garage

Sustainability is certainly a hot topic, and with this national goal has come a concentrated effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Between personal homes, businesses, and even parking facilities, all types of organizations are seeking consistent and creative ways to minimize their long-term impact on the environment.

Let’s take a look at a few easy ways you can make your parking facility more sustainable.

Easy-to-Make Adjustments

Perhaps one of the simplest and biggest changes you can make towards sustainability is lighting. Depending on the age of your garage, as well as the last time the lighting was replaced, the bulbs may not be environmentally friendly. We suggest switching to LED lights that use much less energy and last longer. In some areas, you might also consider putting your lights on a sensor that detects motion so they only turn on when people are present. While this might seem like a small change, it makes a huge difference for the environment—and for your electric bill.

A second simple (but major) change is providing both trash and recycling cans within your facility. In fact, some counties are beginning to enforce the need for recycling bins in garages in order to ensure garbage is properly sorted. By adding more cans (and variety thereof), you work towards maintaining a cleaner and better-received parking facility.

And One Bigger Suggestion

Lastly, you could consider adding parking spots specifically for smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles (like coupes, sedans, hybrids, and/or electric vehicles). By prioritizing parking spots for vehicles that release fewer harmless emissions, you encourage those who regularly park with you to drive more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Furthermore, adding electric vehicle charging stations differentiates you from competitors. Even though the number of electric vehicles on the road is steadily growing year after year, many facilities still don’t provide charging stations. So, by adding this service, you could gain some new, regular customers while taking a positive step towards sustainability.

The Benefits of a Clean Facility

Creating a sustainable parking garage has one very evident benefit: it’s also cleaner. While cleanliness might already be at the top of your priority list, keep in mind that the continued absence of dirt and garbage leads directly to an increase in customer trust and safety, since a well-maintained garage may be less likely to be the target of crime and it shows that you’re looking out for visitors’ interests. After all, no one wants to park in an unmaintained garage with poor lighting and trash littered everywhere—that creates hazards for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Final Thoughts

More often than not, when you spend your money, you receive something tangible in return. But when you spend money on parking, the only “thing” you receive in return is, ideally, a safe place to leave your car for a few hours. For many customers, this isn’t always a satisfying trade, especially if your facility is unkempt or unsustainable. With this mind, you want to do everything you can to make parking as painless an experience as possible.

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