Automation Isn’t Everything: The Argument for Keeping Staff in Your Garage

It’s no secret that parking facilities are trending away from line employees. With the rise of automated payment systems and gateless garages, there’s little need for employees to man a booth that no one will use. However, this trend doesn’t mean that the human element needs to be completely removed from your parking operation—if applicable, […]

The Importance of Encouraging Customer Feedback

Feedback is an invaluable part of running any business, but even more so in the parking industry. In some ways, customers don’t have very high expectations for garages—but top-tier facilities are working hard every day to change that perception with effective, automated systems, responsive customer service representatives, and well-maintained facilities. Another part of raising customer […]

Creating and Maintaining a More Sustainable Parking Garage

Sustainability is certainly a hot topic, and with this national goal has come a concentrated effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Between personal homes, businesses, and even parking facilities, all types of organizations are seeking consistent and creative ways to minimize their long-term impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at a few easy […]

Is Technology in Parking Garages Worth It?

Technology has permeated nearly every industry with the goal of simplifying once complex and time-consuming processes. In the parking industry, technology automates various daily processes, including access for daily and monthly parkers and payment options. As facilities transition from fully staffed garages to automation, you may be wondering whether upgrading to certain technological parking solutions […]

The Secrets to Hiring the Best Staff for Your Parking Operation

If your parking operation has been struggling to fill a staffing vacancy, know that you’re not alone. For many garages, successfully searching for the best candidates can sometimes feel like a lost cause, especially when you need the role filled urgently. Although you may consider hiring the next person who shows even the slightest bit […]

Proactive vs. Reactive: The Best Way to Keep Customers Happy

Parking should be the easiest part of your customers’ day—ideally, a non-event. Because let’s face it: between the stress of traffic, work, and everything else, customers don’t want to—and frankly, shouldn’t have to—worry about where they will park. Not only that, but parking managers also need to be aware that parkers pay money—sometimes a lot […]

Leveraging Data to Park Smarter

Data is an invaluable asset for any organization. For parking operations, data allows us to glean meaningful insights into how our operation is actually functioning, not just how well we think things are going. With this information, we can make impactful, fact-supported decisions instead of relying on gut feelings. If you’ve never tracked parking data […]

What Parking Professionals Wish They Knew From Day One

Whether you’re fresh out of school or the premier expert in your industry, you should continue to learn and grow as both a person and a professional. In the parking management industry, this truth is no different. While hiring practices and expectations likely vary from one company to another, we tend to favor hiring individuals […]

6 Ways to Increase Parking Revenue

A parking garage manager’s day is full of tasks—there’s rarely a moment of peace when there is so much to focus on. Every garage needs to be monitored for cleanliness, proper lighting, safety, equipment functionality, not to mention engaging tenants on a daily basis to ensure their needs are being met. There are also vendors, […]

Common Parking Lot Management Problems and Solutions

Customer satisfaction and revenue generation are every parking manager’s priorities. Experience and common sense can solve many of the issues that arise in parking operation management, but are your problems actually being solved effectively and permanently—in a way that improves customer satisfaction and revenue streams? Let’s take a look at three common parking lot management […]