In Memory of Michael Amoroso

Mike Amoroso… A fellow visionary and a friend.

Mike joined Penn Parking in 1993 when the company was on the cusp of transitioning from a 10-year startup to a major player in the local parking market.

Mike brought to Penn a depth of knowledge and experience that helped the company grow from 5 locations to over 50. Mike had the skill to craft a staffing schedule for over 60 down to 8 min increments and the team spirit to scrub the toilets at a new location. His stamina was apparent after working 48 hours during a 60-hour startup. Mike was a champ.

More than a fellow worker, however, Mike was a friend. He was the company cheerleader. We spent 26 years enjoying his homemade lasagna at the Thanksgiving pot luck (2 days in the making), 26 years of Christmas parties with his wild outfits and off-key singing and 26 years of birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, fantasy football and just day to day camaraderie.

All of us at Penn Parking believed that we would grow old with Mike and are deeply saddened that this was not to be. We will always miss Mike but are sustained by the warm memories of Mike and will be forever appreciative to him for his contributions in making Penn Parking the company it is today.