Our Approach Against COVID-19

Our Response

As Penn Parking rapidly responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and clients remains a top priority for us. Penn Parking has been proactive in developing responses and solutions to better ensure the safety of everyone inside and outside our facilities. 

Always one step ahead to keep our facilities safe

On February 27th, weeks before the state of Maryland issued the Stay-at-Home Order and while hand sanitizer was still in ample supply, Penn Parking ordered 25 gallons. Penn procured the product just 18 hours before hand sanitizer all but disappeared from the market. Individual bottles were available in every garage and at every booth for both employees and customers to use. In May after supplies ran low, Penn continued to protect their employees and customers by manufacturing their own sanitizer in-house. 

Using our resources to help our community

Within days of the Stay-at-Home Order, we hand crafted over 200 face shields for our frontline team.  After seeing the community’s need for face shields, Penn Parking continued to handcraft them for our community. Within 2 weeks, an additional 3,500 shields had been manufactured and distributed to the local community and health organizations. These organizations included 3 local hospitals, 2 senior care centers, an assisted living complex, a psychiatric hospital, and ministers visiting the sick. 

Our Steps Toward A Safer Environment


Spreading the message to stop the Spread

Very early in the first days of the pandemic, and before it became common business practice,   we took it upon ourselves to raise awareness and disseminate information about COVID-19 prevention. CDC approved safety tips were posted and distributed at all of our locations. 

Temperature Checking all our Staff

As of this statement, Penn Parking is the only parking management company using touchless temperature wands at each of our locations. Penn routinely screens shift members at each location every day. Penn Parking’s supervisors check line attendant temperatures and in return the attendants will check the supervisor’s temperature.

Equipment Cleaning and Sanitation

Multiple times a day, all equipment and surfaces are sanitized with CDC approved disinfectant.