Success can be measured in many different ways—this is especially true for managers of a parking garage. While it’s safe to say that things are running somewhat well if no customers complain about their experiences, it’s not enough to base your overall success on this one factor. Customer feedback is a great place to begin, … Read more

As technology permeates every aspect of our daily lives, we’re given more options for on-the-go convenience. Even a decade ago, people who parked in garages were expected to carry cash in order to keep the operation running efficiently upon exit—they typically had their money ready to go when it was their turn to pay. Now, … Read more

During warm weather months, parking in a garage is just another part of your day—a non-event, so to speak, on your way to work or another activity. But when cold weather looms, the idea of parking somewhere and then walking to a building can seem like a chore (or, depending on how icy the sidewalks … Read more

Innovation demands change—it’s why industries of all kinds, including parking, don’t rely on the same processes forever. While major changes may not happen year over year, each year presents its own set of challenges and opportunities that make it memorable. From valuable customer feedback to implementing new technologies, parking has seen its share of excitement … Read more

It’s no secret that parking facilities are trending away from line employees. With the rise of automated payment systems and gateless garages, there’s little need for employees to man a booth that no one will use. However, this trend doesn’t mean that the human element needs to be completely removed from your parking operation—if applicable, … Read more

Feedback is an invaluable part of running any business, but even more so in the parking industry. In some ways, customers don’t have very high expectations for garages—but top-tier facilities are working hard every day to change that perception with effective, automated systems, responsive customer service representatives, and well-maintained facilities. Another part of raising customer … Read more

Sustainability is certainly a hot topic, and with this national goal has come a concentrated effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Between personal homes, businesses, and even parking facilities, all types of organizations are seeking consistent and creative ways to minimize their long-term impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at a few easy … Read more

Technology has permeated nearly every industry with the goal of simplifying once complex and time-consuming processes. In the parking industry, technology automates various daily processes, including access for daily and monthly parkers and payment options. As facilities transition from fully staffed garages to automation, you may be wondering whether upgrading to certain technological parking solutions … Read more

If your parking operation has been struggling to fill a staffing vacancy, know that you’re not alone. For many garages, successfully searching for the best candidates can sometimes feel like a lost cause, especially when you need the role filled urgently. Although you may consider hiring the next person who shows even the slightest bit … Read more

Parking should be the easiest part of your customers’ day—ideally, a non-event. Because let’s face it: between the stress of traffic, work, and everything else, customers don’t want to—and frankly, shouldn’t have to—worry about where they will park. Not only that, but parking managers also need to be aware that parkers pay money—sometimes a lot … Read more