5 Traits to Look for in a Parking Company

With so many parking management companies to choose from, especially in major cities, it can be hard to determine what separates an average company, which may only offer a place to park, from an exceptional company, which will go above and beyond to ensure your and your customer’s satisfaction.
Let’s take a look at the five traits you should consider when entering into a contract with a parking management company.

1. Years of Experience

The amount of experience the senior managers of a parking company have speaks for itself—why trust a novice with running your operation when you can have experienced professionals who have encountered every possible parking scenario?
In the same vein, a lack of turnover in management shows consistency and reliability that proves the company is a leader in its industry. This ensures you won’t be speaking with a different manager every time you call in with a question. Exceptional companies will also have long-lasting contracts with their partners—usually more than the typical 3-to-5 year deals.

2. Always Available

Typical parking companies will have a different person answer the phone when you call or a series of automated voices to run through before you hear a human. At least they’re taking your calls, you may be thinking—but customer service shouldn’t depend on “at least.” You should expect your parking partner to always be available—both in person and over the phone.
Similarly, you should be speaking to the same person every time—the person who is familiar with your operation and your needs so you don’t have to explain yourself over and over again. In this regard, you should have the peace of mind knowing that experienced representatives are keeping an eye on your operation and making sure it is running efficiently.

3. White-Glove Approach

Experienced parking companies will physically look at each garage with a fresh set of eyes. This white-glove, tailored approach maximizes the efficiency of your operation—from entrance and exit methods to service expectations as well as cleanliness and regular maintenance. With their experience, quality parking companies will determine what functions need upgrading from a revenue control perspective, service perspective, and maintenance perspective. And if any issues pop up, the company will respond thoroughly and quickly.

4. Transparent Reporting

The reports that the parking company produces showing how they spend your hard-earned money should be comprehensive, transparent, and easy to understand. This way, you can be certain that the company is investing your money in efforts that will maximize your operation’s value and productivity.

5. Variety of Amenities

Generally speaking, many parking garages do not offer amenities to their tenants. Amenities such as electric vehicle charging stations, seasonal giveaways, and free car care amenities like vacuums, windshield washing stations, and air compressors. An average parking company may continue this unfortunate trend by not offering anything beyond the basics—but an exceptional company will offer to install some or all of these services at their own cost. This gesture shows their commitment to you—that they want you to succeed and are in this relationship for the long haul.

Final Thoughts

Parking should be a non-event—tenants should arrive at the garage and park without incident or concern. What separates run-of-the-mill parking companies from the all-stars is their level of customer service. Don’t settle for a company that offers the basics—expect a company that will go above and beyond in its service and commitment to your relationship to ensure your tenants park efficiently and that you’re making the most in revenue.

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